RM2LC training ride 10

An early start today as I planned to do a century ride (100 miles) from Leamington to Bourton-on-the-Water with a couple of nice hills thrown in the middle. I set off at 7:30 hoping that the Met Office had got it wrong and I would somehow escape the rain. The first 25 miles were fine, I was doing a comfortable pace and felt good. Image

Happy dry Sergios at the start of the ride.

 Soon, my luck was over and around mile 27 while on the second climb of the day a rather heavy rain shower started which lasted for two hours. It was quite dreadful, and for the duration of it I could barely see where I was going so had to significantly decrease my pace. However, I managed to keep on going thinking that at some point the rain will have to stop and indeed eventually it did. In the meantime I got soaked to the bone, so I didn’t even want to stop for cake and instead continued nonstop to the end. Thankfully the four rice cakes (which by the way seem to work quite well and to give an instant but short energy kick) and the three energy gels that I packed in my pockets were sufficient to keep me going.


Miserable soaked Sergios around halfway.

Overall, it was a miserable ride and for the last 70% of it I was just reverse counting the miles home. That said, I would describe the experience as character building and it will be useful in case I encounter similarly bad weather on the day of the challenge.


Please make all of this worth the trouble by donating to my charity Ambitious about Autism here!

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