RM2LC training ride 17

After a week off the bike due to my phd graduation and having my family over in the UK, today I found a bit of time to go for a quick spin. During this week, I got bitten by some sort of insect which caused my left ankle to swell to double its normal size, so I was a bit worried about whether this would affect my training. Thankfully, I didn’t feel any particular discomfort and I could pedal as usual.  The ride was 30 mins with no structure, and with several short efforts to loosen my legs.


Today, I am also posting a very informative article by Alex Lowery (link found from Ambitious about Autism’s Facebook page), who gives his views and personal experience about what is called ‘stimming’ (short for ‘self-stimulating behaviour’- to use his words some strange movements that people with autism spectrum often do). Alex describes very nicely what people with autism think while stimming and why he thinks it’s a necessary part of a person’s with autism life.


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