RM2LC training ride 20

Long ride today in the great company of my friends Paul and Tzvetie. We set off at 7:00 and headed towards Worcester and then the Malvern hills. We settled at a decent pace (which is a good candidate for the pace on the day of the challenge) until we arrived at the hills. I’ve never been there before and I found it to be a beautiful scenic place with fantastic views towards both England and Wales. The climb is actually not so bad, around 3 miles at 4%, so it allows you to settle in a comfortable pace and enjoy the views. After two quick stops one at a nice spring to refill our bottles and one at a little cafe close to Little Malvern, we started our way back heading towards Evesham (to avoid Worcester’s traffic) at more or less the same pace as on our way out.

I felt quite good throughout the ride and I think this was due to the very good weather, keeping our stops short and eating a lot while on the bike (i consumed 4 gels, 3 breakfast bars and two litres of energy drink). So 117 miles today (the longest I’ve ever ridden in one go) at 16.7 mph with something left in the tank at the end. Fantastic route and great day out on the bike!


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