RM2LC training ride 23

Today’s ride was on the same route as last Sunday’s one, however at a different pace and effort level. In particular, today I did around 65 mins of hard effort (sweetspot or even threshold) and the good weather conditions helped me to get a personal best on the particular route. So, ~24 miles at 19.8 mph.


I am sorry I haven’t posted anything about autism lately, but today I found online a really nice extract from the book “The Reason I Jump: One Boy’s Voice From The Silence Of Autism” written by the 13 year old Japanese boy Naoki Higashida. In the extract (which you can find if you scroll down in this link), Naoki describes how he perceives several everyday life situations and the reason for certain reactions and behaviours of autistic children. It is really enlightening and touching.

Please consider supporting my charity Ambitious about Autism, by donating any amount of money at my fundraising page!


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