RM2LC training ride 31

Today I did another “recovery” ride, although the pace was not slow. When I say recovery ride, I mean that I did no hard efforts at any point in the ~35 miles of the ride. To my surprise, my legs felt quite fresh from the start of the ride and I only felt them a bit tight towards the end. 


Returning to my posts about autism, today I post another article about Rapha founder Simon Mottram whose son, Oscar, has a severe form of autism. Oscar was on an Applied Behavioural Analysis program (see article in post about ride 27) and he was improving until unfortunately he caught a bug at the age of 3.5 years and lost all the progress he’d made. Simon talks about the importance of the TreeHouse school for autistic children, which was created by a group of parents and is now run by the charity Ambitious about Autism


If you would like to sponsor me and support my charity Ambitious about Autism, please click here!

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