RM2LC training ride 37

Last century today before the big ride, and we headed towards Malvern. The profile of the route was flattish with a big bump in the middle, however the way out was quite tough due to the wind blowing from the west. For the first third of the ride my legs felt quite tight after thursday’s ride, but later on in the ride my condition improved. In the end I finished the 125 mile ride thinking that I still had something in the tank. My plan now is to do 2-3 easy short rides in order to relax my legs before the big one next Sunday. 


Today I return to my posts about autism with a link to a newly published study by a group of neuroscientists at Columbia University. Their findings show that people with autism have more synapses (think of them as cable connectors) in the brain than people without autism, and this is due to a reduced pruning of the synapses during development. This gives hope for the production of a drug in the future, that restores normal pruning and hence possibly treats autism.


In the meantime and since autism affects so many children and adults, please consider supporting Ambitious about Autism by donating here!


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