Final thoughts (before the ride)

On 11 June 2014, I signed up for the Rapha Manchester to London Challenge. I believed I could sort of manage to train enough to complete the challenge but I was very worried that I would completely fail the people relying on the ride’s charity, Ambitious about Autism, in raising enough funds.

Ambitious about Autism is a great charity, which among else runs a school for autistic children, supports and provides consultation to parents of children with autism, and starting from this year, runs a college for people with autism. They are a small charity and thus largely rely on this event for securing funds to continue to operate and hopefully expand.

I decided to create this blog for several reasons. First, I wanted to document my training so that I have a nice reference for my experience while training this summer. Then, I believe that my posts can prove useful to other cyclists seeking information on other people’s experience in training for this kind of rides. Furthermore, I wanted to make a commitment to post articles about the Autism spectrum, so that I and hopefully my readers, become more aware of the condition. Finally and perhaps most importantly, I wanted to have a way to communicate my efforts to my friends and family so that they can understand what this challenge means to me and hopefully support me. 

After 113 hours of training in which I covered 1800 miles, I am now ready to depart for Manchester, and I feel very happy about the way my preparation has gone. My training included many short rides in the area around my current base, Leamington Spa, some time trials, four century rides two in the north Cotswolds and two towards Malvern, a 300km audax starting from Tewkesbury and heading to Wales, and three rides in extremely hot conditions in the Troodos mountains in Cyprus. I would like to thank here my friend Tzvetie, for riding with me in many long rides sometimes in dreadful weather conditions.  

I am also very happy about the progress of my fundraising. With the help of all of my donors, we have exceeded my target of raising 750 pounds and we are still going strong! I am enormously grateful to all of them and would like to thank them again!  If anyone would like to donate now and support this fantastic charity, here is my fundraising page:

I guess that’s it for now, and hopefully on Monday I will post my experiences while completing the challenge 🙂 (and of course I will not forget to thank my girlfriend for enduring my obsession in the last three months and my friend Paul who is also doing the challenge for his enormous help with logistics, bike problems and organization)

bike ready to go!

bike ready to go!




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